Banana Zucchini Bread/Cake/Muffins (Nut Free, Grain Free, Egg Free & Sweetener Free!)

NOTE (11 July 2013): When I originally made this recipe, I tested it three times, with different combination of ingredients. On the third attempt, the recipe worked for me and held together fine, as you can see in the photographs.

Since then, a number of readers have tried the recipe with varying results, many stating that it does not set. I’ve tried making changes, adding flax, adding chia, gelatine, arrowroot…the point is, I have not yet been able to make the adjustments which creates an infallible recipe and stays true to the great flavours of the original recipe.

I asked on Facebook the other day, whether or not to keep this recipe up, and the majority who responded said to bring it back (after having unpublished it). So, here it is again, with no changes yet.

In the meantime, I will continue to experiment with this until I find the right combination of ingredients that do not alter the flavour and work right each time. Please stay tuned!

Original post follows:


A friend of mine, who is in culinary school, asked me the other day for recipes for people with allergies (no eggs, no gluten and no nuts). I offered information on egg substitutes and baking with coconut flour and nut flours, but really had no real recipe that covers all three bases.

I have been trying to develop an egg free and nut free bread for a couple of weeks. All the Paleo breads I’ve Β made up until now have a lot of eggs and nuts; and although it’s very healthy to eat both, of course, I don’t want to be eating them on a daily basis as part of my breakfast. I try to vary what I eat every day as much as possible, but I’m not always in the mood to cook as soon as I get up, so “bread” is always an easy thing to resort to.

Well… “insert drum roll here”…. I finally got it right! I intended it as a quick bread for brekkie, but because of the bananas, it’s much sweeter than your regular breakfast bread (although I ate it today with some “raw” blue cheese!). I think next time, I’ll make it as muffins or as a cake with a coconut frosting….yum…

Also, I think the recipe lends itself to substitutions for the bananas, such as apple sauce. So, I foresee a lot more experimenting in the future… πŸ˜‰

BANANA ZUCCHINI BREAD (Nut Free, Grain Free, Egg Free, and Sweetener Free!)


  • 1 1/2 cup mashed, ripe bananas
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil, not melted, but soft
  • 1 teaspoon orange zest
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom (optional)
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 cup grated zucchini
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour


  1. Preheat oven to 180C (350F).
  2. In a large bowl, mix the bananas, coconut oil, orange zest, vanilla extract, and cardamom. With a hand beater, beat until smooth and fluffy.
  3. Add the sea salt and baking soda and incorporate well.
  4. Add the coconut flour and mix well.
  5. Fold in the zucchini.
  6. Pour into a loaf pan (mine is about 6×3 inches) and bake for 40-45 minutes.
  7. Allow to cool before removing from loaf pan, and to cool completely before slicing.


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  1. 3.2.13
    Marinka said:

    This looks amazing!! I’ve developed an intolerance to nuts and eggs recently and I’ve been a little scared to give baking without those ingredients a try. This bread totally convinced me that it really is possible πŸ™‚ Thanks for inspiring me!

    • 3.2.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi Marinka! I’m so happy to be an inspiration for someone! I too was wondering if it was possible… but it is. And I think more combinations are just a matter of experimenting!

      • 3.15.13
        Marinka said:

        Well, I just made your bread this afternoon. It’s amazing!! Upon transfering the batter into the loaf pan I still had my doubts that this would come out as a moist and delicious bread, but yet it did. Even better than I could have expected. Thank you so much!

      • 3.18.13
        thesaffrongirl said:

        Thank you Marinka for trying it and I’m happy to hear you liked it and it worked well! πŸ˜‰

  2. 3.2.13
    Meagan said:

    This is ABSOLUTELY perfect!!! I am printing this out now and I cannot wait to make this. I’m glad this doesn’t have nuts (so caloric) and is so simple.

    • 3.2.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi Meagan! Me too.. that’s what I kept trying to avoid! And then all those eggs, every day… now, just to make a few different versions! I hope you enjoy! I’m eating another piece right now and not even feeling guilty! πŸ˜‰

      • 3.4.13
        Meagan said:

        Haha. Awesome! I think I am going to try the recipe but sub applesauce (that I need to use up). YUM!!

      • 3.4.13
        thesaffrongirl said:

        Hi Meagan, That sounds great.. please let me know your results! I was planning on trying it that way next time. πŸ˜‰

      • 3.9.13
        Meagan said:

        I seriously have no idea how you got a bread that looked like this. I used applesauce and bananas. But the dough was so dry there was no way it would “pour” as a batter. I would have had to pack it into the loaf pan. I made a few edits, like adding coconut milk, and it did not come out well at all. Maybe you should test the recipe again before you post? I hope others get good results.

      • 3.18.13
        thesaffrongirl said:

        Hi Meagan, I’m sorry to hear you had problems with the recipe. But as you made substitutions, I cannot vouch for the results. I did try this recipe three times. The first time, it was too moist for my taste. So, I did it again, altering the ingredients (as it is now stated in the recipe quantities) and it worked well. In fact, I made it a third time before posting to ensure it worked right. I never post anything that I haven’t tried at least two times so that I know the quantities and the recipe works. πŸ˜‰ I have not made this bread yet with applesauce (in fact, that was the next experiment on my list…), so as I said, I really do not know how it will work with this substitution. But if it works for me, and I test it as I always do, I will definitely be posting it! Thank you for your comment.

  3. 3.10.13
    Kari said:

    I don’t know what I did wrong, this didn’t turn out well for me at all. The texture was odd and it was really salty so maybe I measured wrong. I seem to be really struggling with grain free baked goods.

    • 3.18.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi Kari, I’m sorry, I don’t know how to help, unless you let me know exactly how you followed the recipe or not. The way I made it, it definitely worked for me, otherwise I would’ve never posted it. I try all my recipes at least twice to ensure they work. Besides with only 1/2 teaspoon of salt, I cannot see how it would be so salty, unless you added more baking soda, which can taste salty?? Please let me know if you try it again… and I’ll try to help out further.

  4. 3.16.13
    Kristen said:

    Awesome! I love coconut flour but can’t eat all the eggs that are in most recipes (may have an intolerance to them… still trying to figure that out). I’ll definitely be trying this soon! Thanks for sharing your recipe! πŸ™‚

  5. 3.16.13
    Laura W said:

    Help! I made muffins and they never set up. I baked them for over 35 min. The bottoms turned black but they stayed a pudding like consistency and never set up. I followed the recipe exactly, except for putting them in muffin tins. I blended my banana instead of mashing by hand. Would that have made a difference? I was thinking maybe I used too much banana? It was about 3 medium bananas. I used the scoop & sweep method to measure the coconut flour. Thoughts? I really want this recipe to work!

    • 3.18.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi Laura, I’m happy to see that you tried the recipe. I made it thrice, before posting. The first time, it also never really set up, but I had used much less coconut flour. Then I tried it as the recipe states and it worked for me in the cake tin. I did it a third time to ensure the recipe worked. I think that with the delicate balance of moisture and the coconut flour, if anything is altered, it may not work. In any case, I would use LESS banana rather than more to ensure the coconut flour soaking up the moisture. I’m going to try it again this week, since we are finally home.. and I’ll post any additional comments. I hope this helps! πŸ˜‰ I also want this recipe to work for you!

  6. 3.19.13
    Sarah said:

    I’m so sad, I made this and it didn’t set up… πŸ™ I had read the other comments prior to making and I was determined to make it work, lol! I’m wondering what I did wrong… However, I will say, that the batter and the resulting sort of “mushy” loaf are delicious! πŸ™‚ I’m determined to perfect this! It’s a perfect snack for my toddler as I am always looking for yummy stuff that has some fruits and veggies in it but is not loaded with sugar or refined carbs.

    • 3.20.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi Sarah, It’s definitely not a super dry bread. So, I’m sure you did it right. However, after some of the comments, I was about to make it again today and have found I do not have enough coconut flour…. I’ll have to wait a few days in order to confirm everything again for everyone.

  7. 3.20.13
    Candra said:

    Did you squeeze out all the moisture from the zucchini before folding in? I am wondering if that is why some attempts from others were not ‘setting’. I want to try this for a friends little boy who is allergic to eggs & nuts, but wanted to clarify this first in hopes to get it right out of the gate. :). Thanks for your help!

    • 3.20.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi Candra, I grated them and let them out to dry a bit on paper towels. But after a few of these comments, I am about to make it again to reconfirm everything so it works for everyone. However, I barely have enough coconut flour, so that will have to wait a few days… ;(

      • 3.21.13
        Sarah said:

        Funny, i actually DIDN’T squeeze the zucchini because my dough was a little dry and I thought it needed the moisture. Hmmm, maybe I should try again doing that.

  8. 4.19.13
    Alisha said:

    Do you think spelt flour would work in replacment of coconut flour?

    • 4.19.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi Alisha, I honestly don’t know. I don’t use grains. Coconut flour has a particular property, which is absorption of liquids. A little amount absorbs a lot of liquid.

  9. 4.24.13
    DeAnna said:

    bummer, it didn’t work out for me, it turned out real soft, I am still letting it set up in hopes I can still consume it, it just wont be a bread….perhaps it has something to do with the kind of coconut flour, I have noticed in the past from other recipes that coconut flours can vary so much so that a recipe may fail. Could you share the brand you use. I get mine at a local fruit stand/market, so I will have to find out who the maker is.

    • 4.24.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that. I haven’t worked at perfecting this recipe yet. One of the readers commented that she baked it twice and that worked better. I had no problems the two times I made it (after the original time that did flop)… but from the comments, I want to re-do to ensure everyone has the same results. I use Tiana brand coconut flour. I hope that helps!

  10. 4.28.13
    chappanna said:

    I had very similar problems to the ones described above. The first time I tried this the batter was more like sugar cookie dough (very dry), then I 1/2ed the flour and got a better texture however they (I made muffins) only browned in the oven, they never actually baked.

    I found that if you microwave the muffins for about 3 min they finally set! Try the micro:)

    • 4.29.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Thanks for the feedback Chappanna! I really need to get back to this recipe and try to perfect it. πŸ˜‰

  11. 6.2.13
    L.A. said:

    What can I substitute for zucchini? I can’t eat squash or cucumber. Maybe just more banana?

    • 6.3.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi! I would substitute another vegetable, like carrots. More bananas may make it too moist, so you will need more coconut flour to soak up the moisture and/or flaxmeal or sunflower seeds, ground up.

  12. 7.3.13
    Murdle said:

    I’m making this now. Didn’t have enough bananas so I added some unsweetened applesauce. Also didn’t have orange zest so I used lemon. I made muffins so this will allow me to alternate my breakfast meals. Tanks for the recipe. It’s SO hard to find truly sugar/honey/maple syrup free recipes .

  13. 7.8.13
    Natalie Wester said:

    How many muffins would this make?

    • 7.8.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi Natalie, I haven’t tried it as muffins yet.. and actually, I think it works better than as a bread, as it sets better according to those who have made it as muffins. I have to re-do the recipe, as some people had issues with the setting, which I didn’t have and I’m not sure why. I’ll be reposting very soon…

    • 7.9.13
      MsS said:

      We made recipe exactly as written. It did not set. So disappointed. My husband suggested maybe you want baking powder instead of soda? We bought all the ingredients specifically for this when a friend posted this recipe. I was thinking maybe you had fixed the recipe since you mentioned working on it… But we followed it exactly and just browned mush.

      • 7.22.13
        Julena said:

        I followed recipe and mine was perfect?

        Thanks, very yummy. Kids loved it as did the adults.

      • 7.29.13
        thesaffrongirl said:

        Thanks Julena. Glad it worked and that you all liked it!

  14. 7.22.13
    Lisa said:

    Hi Saffron Girl!
    Just wondering if you got a chance to do this recipe again?
    I tried it following the exact ingredients and it also did not set as many comments showed. I baked it in the evening for 43 minutes then let it set out all night to cool and set but it was mush when I went to cut it this morning so I popped it in the oven for 25 more minutes and it was still mushy…tasty for all who ate, but not a breakfast bread.
    Does the firmness/ripeness of the bananas have anything to do with moistness? What are your additional experiences?!

    • 7.29.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi Lisa, I have tinkered a bit more with it (adding gelatine and flax, which alters the flavour and didn’t help set, and a few other combinations), but still haven’t gotten consistent results. It’s very strange, as some people have no problems at all, and others do… I’ve always used ripe bananas and mash them to liquid consistency.

  15. 7.26.13
    Rachel said:

    I just tried these today and read through the comments as I waited for them to cook. Guess I should have read the comments BEFORE I made them! I made them in muffin tins because I don’t have cake or bread tins. I wonder if 1T or 2T gelatin would make them set harder? There’s a banana bite recipe that I’ve made that uses gelatin for that purpose. When I looked at the ingredients I was wondering what would hold it all together, and as I pulled them out of the oven (after the tops browned) I tapped the top and it feels all liquidy inside :-/. Please post as soon as you’ve figured out what we’re all doing wrong!

    • 7.29.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi Rachel, I’ve tried making this with gelatine and it didn’t work for me. But I still need to tinker more with this recipe and the measurements, as I change the ingredients a bit to try to achieve consistent results. Don’t worry.. I will post again, as soon as I get a foolproof recipe! Thanks for trying it and providing feedback! It’s very hard to figure out what is wrong, as it works for some and not for others! .. but I’ll keep trying. πŸ˜‰

  16. 7.30.13
    Mary said:

    Hi Saffron Girl,
    This bread held together for me fairly well. Where I failed was taking it out of the pan before completely cool. This also might be one of those recipes that you need to bake just a little longer. One also might try a tsp or two of egg replacer, which is mostly potato starch. Or just plain potato starch.
    What worked for me was slicing the bread right away and storing individual slices on small pieces of wax paper. Some of it went in the freezer because I can’t eat a whole loaf by myself in a few days. I may try this as muffins instead next time.
    This zucchini banana bread has a really nice texture — very delicious. It is so hard to find egg-free recipes. I think this recipe is a keeper. I also may try replacing the banana with pumpkin, but keep the zucchini. It might not be sweet enough, but maybe I’ll throw in an ounce of erythritol or a few packets of good quality Stevia.

    • 7.30.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Thank you for your feedback Mary. Adding tapioca starch was a thought for my next try. Changing the banana for pumpkin sounds really nice. Please let me know how that comes out. I’m happy to hear that your bread worked! πŸ˜‰

  17. 8.14.13
    Debby Burke said:

    Hi, I plan to make this bread, thanks so much for a sugar and egg free recipe!! I see from the comments that there is a possibility of it not setting up so I was wondering if you had reworked the recipe yet? I live in a fairly humid area so I am pretty sure I will need to make adjustments. I’m thinking of adding maybe 2 T of tapioca starch and cutting the oil down to 2 T, and maybe adding a little club soda for rise. If I add the soda I may need to add a bit more flour. What do you think?

    • 8.14.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi Debby, I haven’t revised this recipe yet. I was just about to, when I made banana ice cream instead… however, I was thinking of adding arrowroot powder (works like tapioca) to it. I’ve tried flax, and personally I didn’t like how it altered the flavours, and didn’t do anything to improve the texture. As for reducing the oil, it could help. Although I’ve done that too, keeping the rest the same and it didn’t work for me. And as for the club soda: I’ve never baked with it; plus if you want to stay Paleo, I believe that could have sugar in it? But of course, that’s your decision to include it. As soon as I try this again, I promise I’ll be sharing.. but if you come up with an alternative, I’d love to hear from you! πŸ˜‰

      • 10.14.13
        Kai Smith said:

        Club soda is just carbonated water – and if you add it for rise in this recipe, there will definitely need to be more flour.

        I just made this with the following substitutions: 1/2 green plantain for part of the bananas (I would have used three bananas, so used two plus 1/2 plantain), cinnamon instead of cardamom (I’m off all seeds) and some diced apricots (no orange zest in my house today). I’ll let you know how it turned out – it’s cooling in the pan.

        I also drained the zucchini for a bit and mashed out some of the liquid. It looks and smells nearly perfect!

      • 10.14.13
        thesaffrongirl said:

        Hi Kai, Did you add the club soda? Please let me know how it turns out with all the substitutions, once you try it!

  18. 8.23.13
    Dina said:

    I made this and it was a success!!! I had 1 cup and a tiny bit more banana (3 smallish bananas) and 1 cup zucchini that I squeezed. It did not rise as much. It rose as much as it would’ve. It is not dense, so the rising is fine, maybe if it had eggs it would’ve risen more. BUT I had the same ‘salty’ problem. It IS too much baking soda. I have to admit I do not have measuring spoons so that might’ve been a mistake on my part, but I’d still maybe bake this with more baking powder than baking soda. I’d use the two, to balance it out due to the ‘acidity’ of certain things inside, but maybe not purely baking soda. But it is moist and tender! Perfect texture cake! I pour honey over it and hide the soda taste and it’s wonderful! I am being serious & honest, not sarcastic! Thank you! And P.S. that banana-orange zest-cardamom flavour combination? WINNER!

    • 8.24.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Thank you Dina! I’m so happy to hear this! I’ve also read that others thought the same about the baking soda taste. When I tackle this again, I’ll add less or do as you say, although I never use baking powder (have to search for a Paleo-compliable one). But I’m glad to know it worked for you. And yes, I love the flavour combination too; that’s what making it harder to make changes because everything I’ve tried thus far, alters it a bit. Again, thank you!!

  19. 8.26.13
    Lisa B said:

    I tried this recipe as published, but wish I had read the comments first. I was very disappointed with the outcome, because it was way too salty and gritty. I was hoping it would be a healthy recipe for my 16 mo. old, but since neither my husband, nor I could eat it, we didn’t even try it with our little one! We ended up throwing it away, despite my doubling the recipe and wasting all those bananas!! I’m thinking the issue is the baking soda, though, as other people have stated. What about using baking powder instead? I also had a problem with the middle of the bread getting done. It always seemed to be too moist and mushy. (Maybe this is partly due to my gas oven, though, which tends to have that issue?) After it baked and cooled, I ended up having to microwave it to finish cooking (even though I kept adding time to the baking process). In addition to the baking powder, I’m wondering if there is a way to make this better by adding ground flax seed, ground up oats, or ground up quinoa. Of course, if trying to stick with it being a vegan recipe isn’t an issue, I’m also wondering if adding an egg or egg whites would be a nice addition (or processing some nuts, like walnuts, pecans, cashews, or almonds to add healthy fats). Just some thoughts….

    • 8.27.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi Lisa, I’m sorry to hear you had bad results. I have not yet revisited this recipe with the results that I am looking for. I do believe that the baking soda needs to be reduced, yes. I do not like to bake with baking powder. However, I’m not all sure that’s the issue. As there are no eggs, there are no real binding ingredients other than the bananas. I am thinking possibly gelatine and arrowroot/tapioca flours could work; but I’ve not tried that yet. I tried flaxmeal and didn’t like how it altered the flavour for me. Of course, this recipe is easy to make work if you use eggs and/or almond flour. But I really wanted to avoid nuts and/or seeds when making this to ensure that I could offer a recipe that would cover the mayor allergens: eggs, nuts, seeds, grains. I think the issue may actually be the coconut flour, which is very finicky without eggs…

      Quinoa may be a really good idea, although I haven’t used it and it will definitely add its own distinct flavour to the other ingredients. Please let me know if you try it again with changes, and how it goes. Thank you!

  20. 9.21.13
    Chelsey said:

    THANK YOU for sharing this recipe. Within the last month I switched from traditional paleo to the autoimmune protocol, as well as temporarily removing FODMAPS. It’s been a little challenging keeping meals interesting… A couple things I did to help it set: I wrung out the zucchini with some paper towels. I also put the loaf in the fridge over night and between servings… I think the coconut oil worked its magic. : ) I had no problems cutting it into slices. Thanks again!

    • 9.22.13
      thesaffrongirl said:

      Hi Chelsey! I’m so happy to hear that you’re improving your health through a healthy diet! That’s the whole purpose of this blog, which I need to update with more information when I have the time. I’m also happy to hear that the recipe worked for you and how you achieved this. I have been very busy lately; so as soon as I have the time, I’ll “attack” this one again and try your suggestions, as well as maybe altering something to improve results for everyone. Thank you!!

  21. 1.11.14
    Elle said:

    I really want to make this! Perhaps baking powder is needed for it to set/rise? I don’t use store-bought baking powder and the homemade recipe calls for cream of tartar. I can’t have cream of tartar. That being said, I could substitute the cream of tartar with the same ratio of white vinegar or lemon juice. It will react with the baking soda the same way baking powder would. Maybe I’ll reduce the baking soda some to balance it out. I’m not sure if it will work, but I’m going to give it a shot!

    • 1.12.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Elle,
      I’d love to hear about your results! Debra xx

  22. 1.21.14
    zbri said:

    I think my pan was too big (regular bread loaf pan) because it was only about an inch tall in there. Therefore only baked it for 25 minutes before it was done. The consistency is not like standard banana/zucchini-bread, but you can’t be TOO picky on paleo! Health always wins! I liked the texture anyhow, but (should have read the reviews first) the taste of baking soda was overwhelming. I’ll definitely cut down on that next time!

    Still, I really appreciate you putting this recipe out there. It’s a base I will use in the future and try to improve with the comments here. Thanks!

    • 1.22.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Zbri,
      I still have to revisit this recipe and try to perfect it. I’ve tried a couple of times, omitting and adding things, and it still was not worth sharing further. Thank you for trying it and brainstorming! I hope someone comes up with the solution, so it works for everyone consistently. πŸ˜‰ Debra xx

  23. 2.17.14

    After 4 attempts, success! We made these tweaks: added 1 shredded carrot; instead of 1.5 cups of banana, we used 1 cup of plantain and 1/2 cup of banana; we went a little lighter on the coconut oil; we added more liquid (water and apple cider that we happened to have in the fridge, about 1/4 – 1/3 cup more than was called for); and, finally, we put it in a muffin tin rather than a loaf pan. These are awesome little muffins. We froze them and then I microwave one for 15 seconds. Wish I could upload my photo. πŸ™‚

    • 2.18.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Oh Elizabeth! That sounds fantastic! I’m going to make a note of this to try it with your changes. Please upload your photo to the Facebook page (link is at the top of the blog)! I would love to see it there and share your changes with the readers. Thank you, Debra xx

  24. 2.24.14
    Shelly said:

    This worked first go and it was DELICIOUS!!!!!
    Kindergarten is NUT free and EGG free,
    We are Gluten, Sugar and Dairy Free
    so this is the PERFECT recipe to what I thought was the impossible task of baking for my kids school lunches!!
    BTW, I used lemon zest instead and it was sensational.
    I will be making two loaves of this a week.
    Thank you!!! Now to try your Gluten Free Churros – no me lo puedo crear!!

    • 2.24.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Shelly,
      I’m very happy to hear that you enjoyed the recipe and that it worked out from the first attempt! I can imagine that with lemon zest it’s delicious! πŸ˜‰ I hope you like the churros too! They are grain and nut free. Debra xx

  25. 2.25.14
    Kelli said:

    I made this today as muffins and am quite pleased with the base recipe. I added the juice from half of the orange to loosen the batter a bit, and I added two blueberries to each muffin. It’s a little bit salty, but I thought that made it taste buttery (like real butter, something from my ancient past, haha) so I liked it.

    It made 11 muffins, which after 40 minutes were firm but super soft. Not like a traditional muffin or traditional bread at all, but lovely tasting and perfect for breakfast or tea. When translating recipes to avoid so many allergens, it’s really unrealistic to expect your “old favorites” and you just need to learn to adapt and enjoy.

    I do plan to try this base recipe in pumpkin, apple, and lemon-blueberry flavors. Thanks for publishing your ideas, Debra!

    • 3.10.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Kelli,
      I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it and had good results with your changes! The sound of using pumpkin, apple and lemon-blueberry is just delicious! I need to revisit this recipe and incorporate all the great ideas I’m seeing here! Thank you for trying my recipes and visiting my blog! Debra xx

  26. 2.25.14
    Lorraine said:

    Worked perfectly for me and is super yummy! I used around 4 bananas and the 4th banana was frozen. The mixture was very thick and dry when I put it in the bread tin but set perfectly. I added cloves, ginger and cinnamon to add a bit more spice. I will try making it with carrot next time and will let you know the results.

    • 3.10.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Lorraine,

      That sounds delicious with the addition of the spices! And the idea of the frozen banana is wonderful! So glad to hear you liked it!
      Thank you for sharing your feedback. Debra xo

  27. 2.27.14

    This recipe looks delicious AND it fits the paleo autoimmune protocol (a rare thing). So, thank you! I recently started a weekly Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable through my blog, and I would love it if you linked up this recipe. I’m trying to expand resources for the AIP community. Here’s the link:

    • 3.10.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Eileen,

      Please feel free to link up the recipe. I’ll check out the Paleo Immune Protocol on your site. Thank you for sharing! Debra xx

  28. 3.2.14
    Erin said:

    I just made this today, and while very tasty I had the same problem as some of the others…it turned out really soft inside. Not sure what went wrong as I followed the recipe to the tee. Maybe I’ll add more flour next time.

    • 3.10.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Erin,

      Thank you for trying it. It seems to have mixed results… and I’ve not had the opportunity to try it again with foolproof results honestly. But there are a lot of comments with great suggestions for additions/changes,etc, which may be of help to you. Please read them for some ideas! Hope that helps. Debra xx

  29. 3.9.14
    Ashley said:

    This also worked BEAUTIFULLY for me, first try, but with a few omissions/substitutions. I’m very strict AIP right now and have some allergies so here’s what I used:

    1 1/2 cup mashed, ripe bananas
    1/4 cup coconut oil, not melted, but soft
    1/2 teaspoon sea salt
    1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
    1 cup grated zucchini
    1/2 cup coconut flour

    Plus I added: 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

    I also used 4 mini loaf pans instead of 1 regular (same temp and bake time though). They were a tad on the moist side, but still sliced up wonderfully. Thank you so much for this amazing recipe! PS: The banana cinnamon combination was a yummy sub

    • 3.10.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Ashley!
      That sounds great! I’m so happy to hear you gave it a try and made your own changes to have great results! I need to revisit this recipe again and use all of the great suggestions, including yours!! thank you. Debra xx

  30. 3.19.14
    Kristen said:

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I just made it and it turned out great. I only had two bananas so I used about 1 cup and it still turned out wonderful and moist. I also used ghee instead of coconut oil, since I didn’t have any at hand. Perfect for AIP, living without any kind of bread was very difficult for me.

    • 3.19.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Kristen!
      I’m so happy to hear that the bread turned out great and that you enjoyed it. Your substitutions are wonderful and I think ghee must give it an extra delicious flavour! I will try it that way next time I make it at home too. πŸ™‚ I’m finding lately that I need some bread in my life too! Debra xx

  31. 3.31.14
    Misti said:

    I had read on another site that coconut flour needs egg to make up for the missing gluten and help the bread set. perhaps adding an egg or egg substitute would help?

    • 4.1.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Misti,

      Yes, actually this would be very easy to “fix” by adding eggs to bind. Bananas are egg substitutes in many recipes…but I was trying to make a cake/muffins that didn’t contain eggs, nuts, grains or sweeteners. It probably would also be good to add seeds, such as sunflower seeds ground up for more consistency and still avoiding nuts… πŸ˜‰

  32. 4.1.14
    Misti said:

    hmm good idea. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  33. 4.6.14
    Emily said:

    I just recently started on an AIP diet and have been missing my baked goods and was overjoyed to see this recipe. However, I tried it as bread and it didn’t set and then I tried it as muffins and that didn’t work either. I also found that it was very salty tasting. I hope you do come back to this recipe soon like your comments say you are!

  34. 4.8.14
    Esther said:

    I haven’t tried this recipe, but I am planning on it soon!

    SaffronGirl: My initial reaction to the posts that the bread didn’t set is that maybe zucchini is the culprit. In most zucchini bread recipes, it is important to drain excess liquid, up to 30 minutes in fact. And then use a paper towel to further dry before adding to mixture. You probably could add this step to your recipe without changing any ingredients…

    I will be trying it soon and let you know how it turns out!

    • 4.9.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Esther,

      That’s a good idea! I haven’t yet tried making this again. But I’ll try it by drying out the shredded zucchini. Please let me know how it turns out! Debra xx

  35. 4.15.14
    Heather said:

    I have plenty of coconut flour recipes but none without eggs, and a family member just learned she needs to eliminate them for a while. We tried this recipe twice over the weekend (and tried taking some of the moisture out of the zucchini both times) and unfortunately it didn’t set as others have experienced. The bottom was extremely wet and became very dark. The first batch was quite salty, and even with reducing the salt by half the second time around, I still think I’d use less if I was to make it again. Best wishes with the continued experimentation!

    • 4.16.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Heather,
      Thank you for trying this recipe. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you… I’m hoping someone will come up with the perfect combination. πŸ˜‰ In the meantime, maybe we can all experiment, so thank you for your tips! Debra xx

  36. 6.16.14
    Veronica said:

    This looks amazing! I will definitely try this! Just curious, have you ever tried using other egg replacements when baking? I’m vegan and I avoid many of the things which Paleo eaters avoid, so it’s hard for me to find possible (let alone good) baking recipes. Thanks!

    • 6.25.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Veronica,
      I’ve only used applesauce with gelatine but not with great success (or rather I didn’t like the results). Best of luck and continued results with paleo!

  37. 7.3.14
    Donna said:

    I was optimistic when I made this recipe – the batter smelled pretty good. However, it never really made bread…just a crumbly mess that didn’t even taste that great. I think it really needs either egg or something to take the place of the egg.

  38. 7.8.14
    Elisa said:

    Great recipe! What do you think about avocado to substitute the bananas?

    • 7.8.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Elisa,
      I’ve tried baking with avocado once and didn’t like the flavour or aroma. However that could be just me… I’d give it a try, why not? I’m glad to read you like the recipe! Debra xx

  39. 7.11.14
    vanessa said:

    I was so excited to try this. I followed everything but the cardamom. I loved the taste but it was like a pudding πŸ™ very mushy. I want to make this again but hoping I’ll get it right next time! πŸ™‚

  40. 7.17.14
    aaron said:

    The variances of the posts on this bread are too wide. Some are getting ‘pudding’ while others (me included) are getting a dough that is so heavy it is unlike any I have ever used for any kind of bread. I had a little doubt as to the moisture content of this before I started and by the time I added the coconut flour it was confirmed. I had something that was similar to partially dried out playdoh. No folding of zucchini possible. I had to add 3.5 cups (!) of water to bring the consistency to what I thought appropriate with sweet breads/loaves that I have made in the past (I doubled the recipe so 1.75 cups as stated) . Then I folded in the Zucchini. Very thick still and I am pretty sure that I am going to have very dense bread. Perhaps there is a typo in the recipe that is posted?

    • 7.17.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Aaron, no typo. I haven’t revisited the recipe and note above that some people have issues. Personally, I would add eggs and possibly more coconut flour. But this is intended as an attempt to eliminate most major allergens.

  41. 7.25.14
    Sonia said:

    Darn! I really hoped it would have worked, despite the misses people had. Very strange how some worked and others not. Well not for I πŸ™ followed everything except the spice, I Added cinommon. Batter was like cookie doe, it didn’t rise, and it crumbled. πŸ™ I wonder what the difference was for me? The banana? Frozen banana being more liquady dethawd may do a difference to the counter top ones? I used 1 frozen 2 counter top. Hmmm?

  42. 7.27.14
    Amber said:

    The brand of coconut flour makes a huge difference in recipes. Has anyone had success making this recipe using Nutivia coconut flour or coconut secrets coconut flour?

  43. 7.30.14
    Shana said:

    I wish I had read all the comments. This recipe does not work as bread, it is just too soft and breaks.

  44. 8.4.14
    Liz said:

    I LOVE this bread. I’ve made this 3 times, used 2 different brands of coconut flours, and it’s come out great every time. Here are a few tips though:

    1. I make this as muffins, not bread. It’s just easier and more fool-proof.
    2. I shred the zucchini first, sprinkle it with salt. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then squeeze out all of the liquid. This is an essential step when baking with zucchini.
    3. I line the muffin tins, and bake these at 350 until the tops look almost burnt (at least 20 minutes). They are too wet when they come out, and taste best after sitting in the refrig for 3 days. I guess the fridge dries them up. By day 3 and they are AMAZING and they have become an essential snack for my AIP lifestyle.

    I LOVE THESE. Thank you for the recipe.

    • 8.5.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Thank you. I love your ideas for improvement! Debra xx

  45. 8.5.14
    Lorraine said:

    I make this recipe all the time and change some elements each time. I prefer it as a banana loaf / carrot cake / fruit pudding. I have never made it with zucchini but used grated carrot instread and add raisins if I want to make it more like a fruit loaf. The best load I made using green banana flour instead of coconut flour. I will try and remember to write down the recipe for my next batch and post it here.

    • 8.5.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      I just bought plantain flour to try it out… Great idea!

  46. 8.5.14
    Denise said:

    Could pumpkin seed flour be used instead of coconut flour?

    • 8.5.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Denise,
      I’ve never used pumpkin seed flour, so I don’t know how it’s used. But I’d say give it a try! Debra xx

  47. 8.11.14
    Abigail said:

    Maybe you meant to put 1 1/2 bananas instead of cups. It’s too much banana, it makes it too soft and it just falls apart.

  48. 8.28.14
    Rebekah said:

    I just tried this and got the thick batter. Made balls and put in mini muffin tin. Texture great! Flavor? All baking soda! So sad…

  49. 9.4.14
    Kristie said:

    Does it freeze well?

    • 9.8.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi kristie, I haven’t tried so not sure. Debra xx

  50. 9.15.14
    Deb said:

    I made the recipe according to the directions, but made them as muffins. I baked them for about 25 minutes, and then microwaved them for 5 minutes. They looked good, smelled good and tasted very, very good! Not sure if anyone has commented on freezing them…. I froze a few as a trial, and they were even better after freezing. Thanks for a great recipe!

    • 9.16.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      I’m happy to hear you liked the recipe and that it was successful! I’ll try it with your recommendations. Thank you!! Debra xx

  51. 11.2.14
    Michelle Varrin said:

    I’ve loved this recipe for a long long time and I feel that these 2 things made it foolproof: I added a gelatin egg (google it) to bind it and I bake it in a 9×13 pan. Refrigerate it for a couple of hours or overnight and it’s perfect. Instead of eating vertical slices, you eat horizontal slices, but on the plate they’re essentially the same thing and they never fall apart anymore.

    • 11.2.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Thank you Michelle! I’ve not revisited this in a long time and will do it with your suggestion. Love the idea of gelatin, which is very healthy. Debra xx

  52. 11.26.14
    Lavi said:

    Thank you for this egg free recipe!
    I have tried this, but I didn’t have enough coconut oil, so I have used just 1 Tbsp of coconut oil and replaced the rest with margarine. The bread is very good, but is stood flat. Do you think that the margarine is the problem? If yes, do you know why? Thank you in advance! πŸ™‚

    • 11.27.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Lavi,
      I’m not sure, although margarine (which is not Paleo – I say this for your health) tends to make things flatten up more than butter (which is Paleo/Primal) for example. I’m speaking from experience from having baked things like cookies and using different fats to experiment. The ones with margarine have always been flatter. Hope that helps! Debra

  53. 11.26.14
    Lavi said:

    Also, it is dark, not so white like yours. Maybe I’ve put too many bananas and less flour than I should have (even though I have followed the recipe here, 1+1/2 CUP bananas and 1/2 cup coconut flour). Thanks again!

    • 11.27.14
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Not totally sure.. but many things could influence it from how ripe the bananas were to the heat of the oven. Maybe also the margarine affects the colour? Maybe the lighting when I took the picture could make it look lighter as well.. πŸ˜‰

  54. 1.9.15
    Em said:

    I appreciate all the effort that’s gone into trying to make this work. I just made it and am so disappointed….in spite of the disclaimer I hoped it would work out, but sadly it’s pretty much inedible, dry, ick. Feel like I wasted my time.

  55. 2.7.15
    Katrina said:

    This was the most successful AIP baking I’ve done! Came out just perfectly.My bananas were yellow with some black spots. My zucchini was very fibrous, left in the freeze from last summer.I probably had 2, maybe 3 cups before I squeezed the extra water out of it, and ended up with just shy of a cup. I hope this helps!

    • 2.7.15
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Thank you Katrina! I’m so happy to hear it worked out perfectly for you. And thank you for the tips!! Debra xx

  56. 2.15.15
    Brooke said:

    This is SO good. I have made it three times now (minus the cardamom). The orange zest really adds to it. I also whipped up 1/2 cup coconut oil & 3 Tbls honey and spread that on the slices like butter. Oh my! Did I mention, I LOVE this recipe! Thank you for sharing it.

    • 2.16.15
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Thank you Brooke! I’m so happy to hear you love it and have made it three times! The whipped coconut oil and honey sounds delicious with the flavours of the banana and zucchini. Thank you for your message! Debra xx

  57. 3.19.15
    Andi said:

    Really sad this was a complete fail for me. Taste is good but it’s super flat and mushy

  58. 3.24.15
    Olivia said:

    I’ve made this about 6 times in the last 6 months and it has worked perfectly everytime!! Lately I’ve been omitting the Orange zest due to not being able to buy organic oranges anywhere πŸ™ although it still tastes amazing! Anyone whose having trouble keep trying, it’s definitely worth the time and effort πŸ™‚

    • 3.26.15
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Thank you Olivia for the feedback and glad to hear it has worked perfectly each time! Debra xx

  59. 5.31.15
    Sheri said:

    I’ve been making (and tweaking) this banana zucchini bread for about a year. It works every time now, holds together, and has a good texture. Here are my tweaks: Squeeze the grated zucchini until almost dry and add 1 TBS. of plantain flour. I also use 1 tsp. of baking soda & 1/2 tsp. of arrowroot instead of all baking soda. I use cinnamon instead of cardamom and sometimes add 1 Tbs. of maple syrup. It’s delicious, easy, and my family enjoys it.

    • 6.1.15
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Sheri,

      Wow! Thank you for sharing this. I love your tweaks and will try them myself. I just recently bought plantain flour and haven’t really experimented with it, but love the idea of adding it as a binder, while keeping in tune with the flavours.
      Debra xx

  60. 6.12.15
    Kim said:

    I don’t know if anyone has asked this yet but do you know the macros/nutritional value for this recipe?

    I count my macros so I wanna get an idea of what I’m working with.


    • 6.12.15
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Kim,
      I’m sorry but I don’t know the macros or nutritional value of any of my recipes. I know there are tools on the internet with which to calculate these but am unfamiliar with any. Sorry!
      Debra xx

  61. 6.29.15
    Anna said:

    I just made this, and unfortunately the consistency of the finished product is like raw dough or bread pudding. When I spooned the batter into the pan, I was worried bc it seemed very oily. I think the coconut oil weighs it down, and maybe there should be more flour. It’s a shame it didn’t rise.

    • 6.29.15
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Anna,

      I’m sorry to hear that. There’s a comment below that I know the reader made some very interesting changes and had wonderful results. I hope that helps!
      Debra xx

  62. 7.19.15
    Audra said:

    I just made some of these into muffins and I’m betting they are going to be really tasty ( I haven’t tried any of them yet)

    I have a question about refrigerating them: because they are so moist, would putting them into the fridge uncovered be better than covering them? Also, any idea how long these stay good when refrigerated? I saw one commenter say she waits to eat them until they have been in the fridge for three days, because she noticed they set up so much nicer the longer they dried out/firmed up.

    • 7.19.15
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Audra,

      I originally made this recipe quite some time ago, and I remember refrigerating it for about a week. I did cover it, as I usually cover everything when I put it in the fridge. But unlike many here, I had excellent results: not too moist. I’ve seen some great ideas for alterations which I think will make it an even better recipe, but I’ve not had time to try them. One of the last comments has great ideas… please look down. I would say give it a try to refrigerate and see how it goes. I’d love to hear back from you! Debra xx

      • 7.21.15
        Audra said:

        Hi Debra!

        I didn’t have the privilege of eating these delicious treats, but my children and husband did! They thought they were pretty darn great. I ended up putting them in the fridge, with a kitchen towel underneath the muffins, but left it uncovered. My children aren’t picky eaters when it comes to something that has a bread like texture, so I couldn’t tell you whether or not they became too dry or anything, but they still gobbled them up even three days later. I would assume that my family would have been begging for water, if being uncovered in the fridge had dried the muffins out. Someday I’ll try them for myself, as I will definitely be making them again.

        Honestly, I wish I knew why there were so many mixed reviews on this recipe, because they turned out very well for us.

      • 7.22.15
        The Saffron Girl said:

        Hi Audra,

        Thank you for your lovely comment! And I’m happy to hear that your children and husband enjoyed the muffins! I’m perplexed too with the mixed results and as I’ve not had the time to repeat this recipe in a long time, I cannot comment on why it works for some and not for others. I think it’s a great base from which to start and modify though. I hope you keep trying more recipes and keep reading. Thank you so much! xx Debra

  63. 8.21.15
    Naomi D said:

    This bread didn’t turn out, I wish I would have read the comments first. In trying to figure out what went wrong, I checked my book, “Ratio”, by Michael Ruhlman and saw the quick bread ratio is 2 parts flour, 2 parts liquid, 1 part egg, 1 part fat.
    There’s too much fat in this recipe and not enough flour. Perhaps flax seed could be used in substitute of the egg. This recipe is featured on a top hitting search for no sugar added zucchini bread and I wish it would be revised. I’m sad I wasted my expensive coconut oil on this! Took an hour to bake and its going in the trash!

    • 8.21.15
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Naomi,

      I’m terribly sorry to read this. I have not had the time to revisit this recipe and therefore did place a disclaimer on the top of the post to ensure people would be aware of the mixed results. Some people have no issues whatsoever with the recipe as it is (as you can see in many comments); and others have commented with what seem like great modifications.

      Like I said, unfortunately because of my life situation, I cannot revisit this right now. When I have the time, proper kitchen and utensils again, and the money, I will definitely try to fix it with the recommendations that I see have worked.

      I’ve not read Michael Ruhlman’s book and cannot comment on his ratio (but I will look into it). However, I can say that coconut flour is very finicky. It’s not your normal flour; sometimes it absorbs liquids very well and provides nice results; and other times it leaves a liquid mess no matter how much one puts into the mix (especially when we are baking without eggs)…. What I would try would be adding a starch, such as tapioca/arrowroot flours. I think those may work. But cannot guarantee until I try it myself. As for the oil: again, I’m sorry. But any liquid fat will work. Maybe giving it a try again with liquid butter/ghee?

      Debra xx

      • 1.24.16
        Sara said:

        It’s been almost two years since you posted this, just wondering if you are actually planning on trying this recipe again or not?

        I tried it, it sort of worked I had to cook much longer than directions and let it set overnight but once I did that it was good. Not bread-like but good for someone who hasn’t had sugar or grains in 4 months πŸ˜‰

        I think you’re on to something with this but I agree it could use some work.
        Have you tried different ratios of flour (coconut and arrowroot)?
        Different ratios of baking soda/powder?
        I guess I’m just surprised that you keep answering comments saying you’ll revisit and try this again but you still haven’t… πŸ™ hopefully you can soon πŸ™‚

      • 1.25.16
        The Saffron Girl said:

        First of all, thank you very much for trying the recipe, reading my blog, and taking the time to comment. I love receiving feedback from my readers (and I hope you’re also a follower). It helps me improve, grow, and provide a better experience for everyone. Or at least, that’s what I would like.

        This particular recipe has a disclaimer because of the varied results. And although I have all the good intentions of revisiting it and experimenting with readers suggestions and trying to make it full-proof, I have not been able to for a number of very important reasons. I keep responding to everyone because everyone deserves my attention, consideration and respect for stopping by, and most especially those like yourself who take the time to comment.

        I’m not sure if it’s wise for me to be public about the reasons I’ve not been able to remake this recipe or the reasons why I am not blogging regularly. I’ve shared a few things on the blog in posts, such as why I had to leave London so abruptly. I’ve also shared how I was the caretaker of my mother for almost a year and how she died this past March. I’ve been going through a lot of changes and turmoil in my life since February of 2014 (actually since way before that). Things are not yet settled; and I’m experiencing PTSD, adrenal fatigue and anxiety. Life sometimes deals us big whammies, and all at once.

        So, I’m doing my best to hang in there, secure a future for myself, and also dedicate time to my passions, one of which is this blog. I think from all experiences we can learn and grow. And from all the negative things that have happened, I’m a bit of a different person. But my passions are all the same. And as soon as I am settled (it would be especially nice to be reunited with all my kitchen utensils!), I will be making changes to the blog and will be retesting some old recipes such as this one. I hope you will have patience with me and come back to visit often in the meantime! With love and positivity, Debra xx

  64. 8.31.15
    Amy said:

    Reading through the post and comments, I have two thoughts about the inconsistent results.

    #1. How are you measuring the coconut flour? After sifting? Without sifting? Scoop and level? Spoon? Having the weight of the measured flour would be quite helpful for comparison.

    #2. How ripe are your bananas? I have tried other grain-free baked goods that used bananas as the primary ingredient and discovered that green to just-yellow bananas set up quite well, while spotted to overripe bananas just became mush.

    Meanwhile, I was in the middle of trying this recipe for myself (with barely ripe bananas) when I found I only had 3 T coconut flour (21 g). The batter seemed to be a good consistency anyway, so I’ve thrown caution to the wind and am baking it anyway. Here’s hoping it makes a yummy breakfast anyway. πŸ™‚

    • 8.31.15
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Amy!

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. How did it turn out after all? I’d love to know!
      To answer your questions: I always use the scoop and level method to measuring coconut flour and never sift, unless I otherwise indicate in a recipe. My bananas: they were ripe. Now as far as the level of ripeness, I cannot recall now. But I have made the recipe a number of times with variations. And I agree the riper the banana, the more mush.

      There are a number of great comments where suggestions for alterations have been made. I wish I had the time, kitchen and ingredients right now to be able to tackle this soon. But I don’t. I will have to wait…
      Again, thank you!
      xo Debra

      • 1.21.16
        Amy said:

        Debra, I’d forgotten about this recipe, but I looked up my notes and here’s what I wrote (having used only 3 T coconut flour): the taste was good–maybe even a little TOO sweet with all that banana and very little protein. The texture was a mess, though–more of a British-style baked pudding than a bread. I cut it into little cubes and called it “fudge,” but I don’t think I’d make it this way again.

      • 1.23.16
        The Saffron Girl said:

        Hi Amy,
        Thanks for your feedback. Another reader, Simoriah, just shared that she made cookies out of this recipe and she really like them. Maybe you could try it again as such? I think I will next time I make this. Debra xx

  65. 1.21.16
    Simoriah said:

    I made this bread, and had similar results to others here – the batter was very thick, and it didn’t really rise, and was too soft in the center. But I loved the flavor, so I tried it another way and it was great. Instead of making a bread, I used the same batter to make soft “cookies”. I rolled the batter in my hands like a meatball, put them on a cookie sheet, and pressed down on each one to make them flat. They cooked quicker, in about 30 minutes, and were soft but not mushy on the inside. Very good!

    • 1.21.16
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Thank you Simoriah for sharing your results! I love the fact that this worked well as cookies; in fact I like that more than my original recipe! And I’m happy to know you liked the flavour. I love the taste too … xx Debra

  66. 1.24.16
    Tanya said:

    Hi Debra,

    Thank you SO much for having this recipe posted. I’m starting on an elimination diet with no eggs, dairy, nuts, or grains, and this is the first recipe I’ve tried as comfort food to console myself that it’s only 90 days! πŸ˜‰ My first attempt was very, very moist, and I forgot the coconut oil on the counter! Whoops! But it still set up nicely and sliced just fine and was a lovely treat and quite delicious. I’m amazed how well this came out for not having a binder like egg in it. I’m definitely making it again and playing with the ingredients a bit – I think some dried fruit in it would work great. Hugs! Tanya

    • 1.24.16
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Tanya,

      I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it and it turned out well for you. Any other suggestions you have, please come back to let us all know. Debra xx

  67. 2.16.16
    Leah said:

    Would you be able to use a regular white flour.

    • 2.16.16
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Leah,

      Yes, of course. I just wouldn’t know how to give you an appropriate amount.

      Debra xx

  68. 3.1.16
    caroline said:

    Mine came out completely wet. Not bread at all

  69. 3.8.16
    Mary said:

    Have you tried a longer baking time at a lower temp? Or with 1/2 of another kind of flour? Or with less coconut oil? I really wanted this to work…so just trying to think of something!

    I read about the mixed results…but was optimistic and tried it. There’s no other way to say it…it was really bad πŸ™ It looked pretty out of the oven, but fell into a mushy mess…it was too hard on top and over done around the edges to try additional baking time that I had read in some of the comments. I had squeezed all of the liquid from the zucchini in hopes that was what was making some others’ bread so moist. It was still about the consistency of runny oatmeal on the inside. I had figured even if the texture flopped it would still be yummy…but it was almost inedible πŸ™

  70. 4.2.16
    Tamra said:

    Have you tried whipping two tbsp of ground flax with one tbsp of water as a substitute for each egg? It mimics eggs to some degree and helps bind

    • 4.2.16
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Tamra,

      No, I haven’t. In fact, I’ve not made this recipe in a long time and haven’t been able to ‘revisit’ it either. But it’s an idea for sure. πŸ˜‰

      Debra xx

  71. 4.27.16
    SN said:

    I used your recipe but made them in a mug as a muffin and microwaved them. This dried them much better than the first time when I used the oven and they were too soggy. Using the microwave made them perfect! Thanks for the recipes-I’m egg, wheat and dairy intolerant so appreciate these!

    • 4.27.16
      The Saffron Girl said:

      I’m happy to hear it worked for you in the microwave! And thank you for your feedback and trying these! Debra xx

  72. 5.26.16
    Emily said:

    I read on another site that when baking with zuchinni you need to squeeze out all the excess water or it will be soupy at the end. Maybe adding this step would help everyone??

  73. 7.24.16
    Keith said:

    Follow the recipe exactly and mine turned out more like pudding. Total mush. The batter tastes great though.

  74. 7.24.16
    Allison said:

    I honestly have no idea how you could possibly get bread that looks like what you have in your photos.

    I followed this to a “t” and it’s a total flop. Sides are burnt, middle is soggy, none of it stays together. You can taste the baking soda in the bread, so probably too much. Coconut flour is so dry that you need something more than banana for binding.

    Super bummed that this didn’t work out. Total waste of ingredients.

    • 7.29.16
      The Saffron Girl said:

      Hi Allison,
      Sorry to hear that. I posted a note on the to of the post indicating that this recipe has mixed results. I have not been able to revisit it; and I keep promising I will as soon as I am able to try to make it foolproof. Thanks for the feedback! Debra xx

  75. 7.16.17
    Gina said:

    Hi, I hope life has settled down for you now. Looking forward to giving this recipe a go. Thank you for posting.

    • 7.17.17
      Azahar Cuisine said:

      Thank you Gina. It’s still a bit of a whirlwind..but things are better. πŸ™‚ I hope the changes you made turned out well! I’d love to hear. Debra xx

      • 7.18.17
        Gina said:

        Hi Debra, My loaf didn’t rise much but did hold together, and tasted wonderful. Thank you for the inspiration. Next time I’ll try adding ground nuts to boost the protein.

      • 7.20.17
        Azahar Cuisine said:

        I’m glad to know your experimenting went well! πŸ™‚ I’m sure with nuts, it will be even tastier!

  76. 7.16.17
    Gina said:

    It’s in the oven, fingers crossed it turns out.
    I halved the baking soda, added 1tsp baking powder, juice of one orange = 2tbsp, and one tsp chia seeds to the recipe. I used two small to medium bananas. I did queeze out the excess moisture in the zucchini using paper towels. Result was a soft mixture that was light, but not like a thick cake batter.

  77. 7.26.17
    Anna said:

    Wow, there are quite a lot of comments on this recipe! I haven’t tried it yet, but, in my search for AIP zucchini bread, I found that this exact recipe is copied on another website (Further Food) without credit to you:

    It seems like you really did put in the time to develop this recipe, so credit should be given where credit is due. I suppose it’s up to you whether you’re okay with your recipes being copied, but I thought I should give a heads up! Thanks for the great recipes!

    • 7.26.17
      Azahar Cuisine said:

      Hi Anna,
      Thank you so much for alerting me. It’s a shame when people steal recipes and do not take credit for them. And it’s lovely of readers to be aware and try to protect us bloggers. I really appreciate it! I hope you try the recipe and let me know what you think. Debra xx

  78. 9.10.17
    Michele said:

    Try Plantains instead of bananas

  79. 9.12.17
    michele said:

    I made it this way (NOT AIP) but it set beautifully and tasted deelish!
    1 medium yellow plantain (they are less “wet” than bananas)
    1/4 c plantain flour (WEDO) (coconut flour sits in my belly like a rock!)
    1/4 c Sugavida
    1/4 c olive oil
    1 cup zuccini, grated
    2 t cinnamon (prob could have used just one)
    1/8 t allspice
    1 t cardamom
    1/4 t fresh nutmeg
    1 t BS
    1/2 tsp salt

    Everything but the zuccini went in the blender, poured it into a bowl, folded in the zuccini, cooked it for 45 mins in a loaf pan at 350

    • 9.15.17
      Azahar Cuisine said:

      That’s awesome Michele. I’m glad it came out nicely with the plantain flour! I have a couple of packages and have yet to give it a try. Debra xx

  80. 1.9.18
    Elizabeth McKee said:

    Could the trouble lie with the zucchini? You don’t say whether you strain the water from your zucchini or not and maybe that’s why some people are super soggy.

    • 4.5.18
      Azahar Cuisine said:

      Hi Elizabeth,
      When I first did there recipe, I didn’t strain the zucchini. I’ve not resisted this for eons…
      Debra xx

  81. 3.23.13
    thesaffrongirl said:

    Hi Rosemary, I’m sorry to hear it hasn’t worked out for you. I’ve seen a few comments of people having issues with the recipe. So, I’m waiting for my coconut flour to arrive to try it again for a fourth time. It has worked for me, although it’s not a super dry texture. I’ll be making two versions, exactly like the recipe now, and another with a bit of a variation (less oil, perhaps, and more flour)…. happy experimenting!